Who owns Wines for U?

Who owns Wines for U?

I do, let me introduce myself. My name is Nick Lunness I’m a West Country lad by birth being born in Devon but raised in Kent where i still have family and friends but i now live and work in Surrey and have done since the late 1990’s when I ran an off-licence for Unwins Ltd. I am very much a “people person” passionate about the businesses i work with, a good networker,

Okay so why Wines for U, well i think it is this I have spent most of my working life around the alcohol trade be it running bars, managing off-licenses, working events or running a petrol forecourt business and I like a lot of people have always wanted to be a person and not just a number or cog in some massive corporate machine plus with my background and having a love for wine it sort of makes sense.

Wines for U is different in many ways to what you would typically expect of a wine business, for one it doesn’t carry stock but It really doesn’t need to because I work with a very well respected wine wholesaler who I help find business for and has many delicious wines such as Llama Old Vine Malbec a truly stunning wine or some truly delicious Rioja’s from Bodegas Franco Espanolas (more about these another time), plus they are the guys who will be delivering any wines you buy through Wines for U.

Wines for U is my online store and if you will excuse the expression it is “Joe Public’s way to get their hands on these beautiful wines. Yes if you are a business sure you can still buy wines via my website but if you want a better deal for your business then let’s talk. It doesn’t matter whether your business is a multi site petrol forecourt retailer or a pub chain (maybe like yours) that deserve a better deal, because if there is one thing I have learnt over the years it is this anyone can sell wine but not many will take the time to understand your business and come and see you in person before selling you wine.

Until next time, remember there is a person behind Wines for U and he is striving to give you or your business the edge with quality wines you can trust