Forecourt Wine doesn't have to be boring!

Forecourt Wine doesn't have to be boring!

Your off out to see friends or family and in a rush not enough hours in the day and you really need to grab some beers or a bottle of wine from somewhere, Where do you go? No time.

Then you have a light bulb moment and find yourself in the local petrol station shop!

Did you know the majority of forecourt convenience stores operate under one symbol group banner or another, such as SPAR, Londis or Budgens and their product ranges are defined by these groups so your choice of what you can buy is limited to mainly mainstream wine labels which you will find ten a penny in any UK supermarket.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Don't think because you operate under a symbol group banner that you have to be limited to what they have on offer - you don't!

If you are a dealer operated site then stand out from the crowd and seize the opportunity and liven up your wine shelves. The wines found on the Wines for U website are not available in any UK supermarket but can be found on sale in forecourt shops across the South East of England and they sell!!

People love wine so give them what they want and drive more sales to your forecourt. Need help then contact Wines for U a unique business for a unique trade driven by U

Don't wait for your customers to have a "light bulb" moment to come and find your shop!